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For over 35 years, Chef Joey Galeano has been healing the nation through food. A New York born Italian -- Chef Joey’s family is deeply rooted in flavor, giving him the opportunity to learn generational Italian techniques from his mother and grandmother from an early age. When Chef Joey breaks out his pasta maker, and starts making dough by hand -- you know you’re in for a Michelin star quality feast.


During his college years, Chef Joey traded in his timberlands for cowboy boots and headed to the University of Tennessee on a full track scholarship where he was an SEC Champion his freshman year, shattering freshman records.

Joey’s life in the New York restaurant scene blanketed Manhattan to the Hamptons, spending 17 years at different locations as both an executive and private chef.

There’s one thing for certain, Chef Joey Galeano has been working with cannabis for an unbelievably long time. Since as far back as the 1980’s Chef Joey has been introducing this beneficial herb into his culinary creations. A lot has changed since then, and Joey was there for every step of the process: from the passing of the 1996 Compassionate Use Act in California to the World’s First Cannabis-Infused Food Truck at the dawn of modern legalization.


The only thing as huge as Joey’s flavors is his personality. Born from marinara sauce and olive oil, when Joey walks in if you don’t see him first, you’ll surely hear him. An indistinguishable Brooklyn accent, coupled with boisterous laughter, Chef Joey brings a smile to everyone he encounters. His booming personality translates well on camera too. Chef Joey is the most viewed cannabis chef in the world with over 300 Million views on his recipe videos in his previous business ventures showing you every which way you can incorporate cannabis into your diet through food.

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Knowing that diet and nutrition play such a major role in the maintenance of so many medical conditions, attaching the medical benefits of cannabis to the healing nature of food was a no-brainer. From creating regimens for athletes, to helping bring quality of life to terminal patients -- Chef Joey has touched innumerable lives with his combination of food and fire.


Chef Joey continues to be an innovator in the cannabis industry. Most recently, winning two 1st Place trophies in the 2021 Jack Herer Cup in OKC for Best Tincture with his Delta Oil Co. 5:1 formulation THC:CBD tincture and Best Topical with Body Guac.

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